PIPEsuite (US)
Pipe Hydraulics Calculator in US Units

This is the ideal tool to have in the field when pipe data needs to be calculated immediately, for when you just have to have the answer "right NOW"!.

PIPEsuite (US) is designed as a mobile phone APP, expressly for the purpose of calculating a variety of pipeline hydraulics functions in the field. However, it is also presently available on Tallemenco's web site for a limited time, during which it is available free of charge. Click on ICON below for link to PIPEsuite (US).

PIPEsuite (US) can be applied to any water pipeline system, whether its a water supply, irrigation or mining (but not slurry).

PIPEsuite will calculate:

   Pipe friction
   Water velocity
   Flow rate
   Pipe diameter
   Pipe volume
   Transit time
   Pipe Friction Co-efficient
         (Hazen & Williams)
   Flow conversions
   Pump suction screen area

Enjoy the free use of the APP on our web site, see  link  below.

Click on the Icon right to activate PIPEsuite
Last Update
Aug 18th 2020
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