“Pumping and Hydraulics’ Solutions for Irrigation and Water Supply”

HYDROPZ is designed as a mobile phone APP, expressly for the purpose of calculating the optimal pipe diameter for a pumping water rising main.

It can be applied to any water pumping system, whether its a water supply, irrigation, sewer, mining (but not slurry) or other water pumping system which has a single pumping rate and only one pipe diameter.

Where multiple pumping rates are required, calculations for each pumping rate can be made and an average pipe diameter selected based upon loaded pumping rates.

HYDROPZ requires input fields for the following data:

   electricity tariff, $/kWh
   ac-ft/yr  pumped
   Pipe Friction Coefficienct (Hazen & Williams)
   Pipe length in feet
   Flowrate gpm
   pump efficiency for electric pumping
   motor efficiency for electric pumping
   pipe internal diameters
   pipe supply and lay costs

The pipe sizes are entered with at lease two incremental diameters each side of the range of the anticipated optimal diameter. Base anticipated optimal diameter on a water velocity of 4 ft/sec for the selected flow rate to determine pipe diameter ranges to enter.

HYDROPZ calculates the optimum internal pipe diameter for 10 year, 15 year and 25 year life cycle.

It can be applied to a variety of projects with an almost infinite usage combination.

HYDROPZUS is available by attending our Pumping System Master Class (US) training.
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