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Pumping Station & Pipeline Design
Pump Stations

We have all heard that "oils aint oils". Well, in the same way, pumping stations aren’t just pumping stations. Each one is a unique creation.

Tallemenco designs pumping stations using a 132 point planner, devised “in house” from Rob's 50 + years of experience of pumping station design, installation, operation and maintenance.
Fit for Purpose

Tallemenco designs are “fit for purpose”, that is to say, the most suitable type of pumps, appropriate pipework size, flow metering and filtration, use of stainless steel or coated metals, all in a maintainable position inside of the building or area that will house them.

Corrosion prevention also gets major consideration in our designs.
Tallemenco Manager, Rob Welke, has designed over 120 pumping stations up to 525kW over the last 3 decades and physically built, installed and commissioned at least half of them, all over Australia and SE Asia.
Commissioning large Pump System that Rob designed and built for Tea Tree Oil plantation, Nth Qld  when with Hydrotech 1998    Photo, R Welke
CAD drawing of Pump Station, Hope Island Resort, SE Qld.      Dwg  R Welke
Vacuum priming system for a pump suction, designed and built by Rob (mechanical) and son Clinton (PLC logic) at Hydrotech Aust. Photo, R Welke
All designs come complete with working drawings, specifications and Bill of Material (or Schedule of Quantities) to enable the client to shop around for contract installers and component suppliers.

Whilst Rob no longer builds pump stations, his extensive knowledge ensures that your project won’t be a trial design or an untried experiment and will therefore save you money in the long run!

Contact Tallemenco for a quote to design and Project Manage your pumping station and save you money in the long run!
Some of the 120+ Pump Stations designed and built: 

Golf Pump Systems
Hope Island Resort GC,       QLD      (74kW)   2 vertical turbines                designed only
Royal Adelaide GC,              SA     (61 kW)   4 vert multistage                        inst/com
Kooyonga GC,                    SA    (103 kW)   4 vert multistage                        inst/com
Glenelg GC,                        SA     (77 kW)   4 vert multistage                        inst/com
Wirrina Cove Resort GC,       SA    (175 kW)   6 vert multistage, 4 end suctions  inst/com
Royal Canberra GC,            ACT   (132 kW)   6 vert multistage
Woodend GC,                    VIC     (52 kW)   4 vert multistage
Tamworth GC,                 NSW     (54 kW)   4 vert multistage
Canowindra GC                NSW     (52kW)    4 vert multistage
Tallwoods GC                  NSW     (153kW)   4 horiz submersibles                    inst/com
Dumbea GC,       New Caledonia     (45 kW)   4 horiz submersibles                          com
Sentul Hill GC,           Indonesia     (90 kW)   3 vert  submersibles

Turf Pump Systems
Sanctuary Cove Resort,        QLD  (50 kW)    3 x vert submersibles                        com
Brisbane Airport Corporation   QLD  (30 kW)    2 x vert multistage              designed/com
Ipswich Blue Gum Reserve     QLD  (7.5 kW)    1 x submersible in can                designed

Horticulture Pump Systems
Governor Gen’s Residence,     ACT  (36 kW)    4 vert multistage                       inst/com
Australian Vintage, Loxton,     SA  (525 kW)   3 horiz split casing                     inst/com
Orlando, Langhorne Creek,      SA  (330 kW)   3 end suctions                          inst/com
Vineyards, Molong,              NSW (131 kW)   3 end suctions                                com
Tea Tree Plantations,       Nth Qld (315 kW)   5 end suctions                                com
Mildara Blass, Lake Alexandrina SA   (56 kW)   1 end suction, 1 vert multistage        com
Southcorp Vines, Glen Lofty,   VIC   (48 kW)   1 end suction, 1 vert multistage  inst/com
Thomsons Vines, Waikerie,      SA  (500 kW)   3 end suctions                         inst/com
Kirribilly Vineyards, Clare         SA  (200 kW)   6 vert multistage                      inst/com
Pipeline Design

Tallemenco uses EPANet for pipeline design. This is water pipeline specific software which assists in pipe diameter selection given required flows and pipeline friction values, from which Rob's experience from pipeline friction testing enables realistic inputs to its designs.

EPANet enables real pump curves to be included in the design, with a variety of hydraulic valves. The end design can be test run before it gets to the ground.

From Rob's experience in pipeline design and project management, all of the physical requirements for pipeline installation, such as thrusting, bedding are covered in Tallemenco's designs.

Contact Tallemenco for your pumping station and pipeline design requirements.
EPANet software enables pump curve, pipeline friction and valve losses to be included in design calculations so that a pumping/pipeline system can be "test run" before installation.
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