“Pumping and Hydraulics’ Solutions for Irrigation and Water Supply”
Publications and Articles Authored by Rob Welke
Below is a list of Articles authored by Rob Welke and published in Industry Journals.
These have been re-produced with permission from the Publisher.
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No good vibrations - pumps
Next generation irrigation audits
(Pumping & Irrigation Pipeline Efficiency Service)
Flowmetering 1of2
Flowmetering 2of2
How many kWh per ML?
Energy Efficiency Audit, lettuce farm
Pump efficiency
Abalone farm goes energy efficient
Potentiating Energy savings 1of2 - pumps
Potentiating Energy savings 2of2 - pumps
Energy efficiency audits, horticulture farms
Energy efficiency audits, turf farms
There's a wheelbarrow in my pipeline
Power Savings of 25% from pump station
(co-author with Chris Edwards)
Measuring Energy (IPEEAT phone APP)
What size Pipe      
(HYDRopz phone APP)
Pipeline data calculator (PIPEsuite phone APP)
"Advanced Pumping System Design"
course gets IAL Professional Development accreditation

EWS Dept Newsletter, 1998
IAL Journal, summer 2009

IAL Journal, autumn 2010
IAL Journal, summer 2010
IAL Journal, winter 2011
HYDROPONICS Journal, Sept 12
IAL Journal, summer 2012
AQUACULTURE AustAsia winter 2013
IAL Journal, winter 2013
IAL Journal, spring 2013
IAL Journal, summer 2013
IAL Journal, winter 2014
IAL Journal, winter 2014
IAL Journal, winter 2015

IAL Journal, spring 2015
IAL Journal, summer 2015
IAL Journal, winter 2016 (TBP)

IAL Journal, Autumn 2017
American Society of Irrigation Consultants
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Below is a list of Technical Publications authored or co-authored by Rob Welke and published within Professional Organisations.
NOTE: E&WS Dept was Engineering & Water Supply Dept, changed name to SA Water in 1995

Water Meter Rationalisation for Ipswich City Council (ICC)

Evaluation Methods of Water and Sewage Infrastructure for Asset Management

Irrigation Flowmeters - Handbook for Operators

Examination of pumping costs in the Moorook Irrigation Area

Guidelines for flowmeter rehabilitation in the Northern Adelaide Plains

Hydraulic Testing and Rehabilitation of Country Lands CICL water mains

Leakage Testing the 11km Spencer Gulf Submarine Pipeline, Morgan-Whyalla No 2 Pipeline

Motor Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Tests

Radiator Corrosion Inhibitors
- An Evaluation

Methods of Leakage Control in Water Supply Distribution Systems

Prepared for Ipswich CC on behalf of Turf Irrigation Services, 2009

Mulgrave Shire Council, Nth Queensland,
June 1994

EWS  Dept, Sept 1992

EWS Dept, May 1990 Riverland Region

EWS Dept, June 1989
EWS 2122/80

EWS Dept, Oct 1988   EWS 4427/88

EWS  Dept, July 1980
EWS 4920/76

EWS Dept, Dec 1979
EWS 4505/79

TAFE, SA, School of Mechanical Engineering, Nov 1978

EWS  Dept, Aug 1976
EWS 2942/76
Note: Rob has hard copies of all of the above Technical Publications.
Official digitised copies may be obtained through the Organisation listed.